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    Sample 1

    From student With corrections

    When choosing a job, some people consider that security and a good salary are most important. Others think interesting work is the most important issue even though the salary may be lower and the job less secure. Discuss these two positions. Indicate which you are agree with, and why.

    What job to choose? People usually need to answer this question when they are finding a new position. For many people the main reason is a high salary and a good social pocket. Although there are such specialists who prefer interesting work, even if the financial security is not so attractive. From my point of view there should be a combination of these factors.

    Money is a very important factor. These days many people are believed to change or choose job just looking at good wages, despite the fact that their work can be boring and monotonous. It might be supported by the fact that each person wants to have financial stability. Money gives people many opportunities. For example, paying for children’s education, buying necessary things, travelling, entertaining. The other factor for finding them the most suitable is good security and guaranteed social pocket. These include such things as insurance, bonuses, paid sick and maternity leaves. So such workers want to be sure about their prosperity and material wellbeing.

    On the other hand there are many specialists who do not want to lose their time on an uninteresting job, although the salary is less. I concede that usually these are creative and inspired people. They need personal development and get tired of the boring job. Company’s environment also plays role. Workers need to communicate, so a nice collective or working team is necessary. They see their job as hobby. It seems to me that such people are willing to work for low wages, but feel themselves comfortable.

    What concerns me I would prefer personal and financial comfort. The job should be well-paid, gives fine guaranties and be prestigious. These will provide me with a good position in the society. It is necessary for me to realize myself in career. But additionally I want my job to be absorbing. I hope to work with enthusiasm.

    In conclusion, job takes much time in our life. And each person has different reasons to choose it. Someone takes it just as a source of money, some as a pleasant time. But for everyone it is an integral part of everyday life.

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