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    Sample 10

    From student With corrections

    Many students have to live with roommates while going to school or university. What are some of the important qualities of a good roommate? Use specific reasons and examples why these qualities are important?

    It is a well known fact that while you are studying at the University you have to share your room with fellow students in the dormitory, so / thus/ therefore their personal qualities and character traits / features are extremely important for comfortable living and peaceful coexistence. Some qualities that are critical to cohabitation will be explored in this essay.

    Firstly, a roommate shoudn’t be messy and untidy. Dormitory rooms tend to be not spacious, so people living very close to each other and have to respect personal space. For example, when my daughter was in a summer school in New York, she had two roommates, but they were slovenly and shameless. They didn’t take shower every day and could (to) put their clothes on my daughter’s bed. This outrageous behavior made my daughter suffered greatly.

    Secondly, those that we share a space with must be tactful. After a hard day in college, people can get tired and they may be unwilling to engage in a conversation. It is a real benefit when your roommate understands your condition and doesn’t disturb you. For instance, my friend told me a story few days ago that he had had a conflict with his roommate because he annoyed him with his questions.

    Finally, having a cheerful and easy-going person with a good sense of humor is a real benefit. People say that the time that they spent in University was the best time in their life because their roommates always made them laugh. For example, the best friend of my son is a former roommate, because they had a lot of fun in a University. His witty jokes were not only entertaining but also helped go throw various challenges such as preparing for final exams.

    In conclusion, when people live in one room in University they have to take into account many aspects of cohabitation that improve interpersonal relationship and make life more enjoyable. Not only does a roommate have to be neat, tidy and tactful, but he also should be able to entertain the fellow student with his brilliant jokes.

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