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    Sample 2

    From student With corrections

    Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different. Use specific reasons to support your answer.

    It is a common thing that making a person pleased with something is a big challenge. It refers to people’s living conditions, jobs, self-realization and so on and so forth. A very few people could say without any hesitation that they are completely satisfied with their life and do not want to bring any changes in it. Therefore, I support the idea that humans are not content with what they have and always are in search for something new. There are several reasons to support my opinion.

    To begin with, a material world plays a sufficient role in human’s being. Clothes, automobiles, mobiles and new smart devices are indispensable stuffs for almost all people. At first sight it seems to be enough to have just several costumes for different life occasions. However, people buy a plenty of items as they do not know what they really need and cannot find what they really want. The same applies to technological advancements. One friend of mine always buys the latest models of mobiles although he does not use the most part of their functions. As he says, he wants to be abreast with the progress. Not the last point is related to money. More money people get, more they want else.

    Another expression of people’s unsatisfection is mirrors in human’s intention to achieve perfection or other nonmaterial aspects. One does not want just to have a high-paid job, he/she wants to be a respectable and important employee with a possibility for a career growth. However, when people achieve their goals they set new ones which are more hard-to-reach. For instance, I always wanted to be a lab assistant in a University. After I have gotten this post I realize that I deserve more and now I want to become a prominent scientist.

    To conclude, incessant striving to achieve new goals and trying to experience new things is a common feature of human beings. People always want to have a nicer place to live, a fancier car or a more prestigious job.

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