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    Sample 5

     94. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Dancing plays an important role in a culture. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

    Culture expresses itself in many different ways through cuisine, works of arts and architecture, to name just a few. Similarly, dancing can be highly expressive and vital for creating an image of the country and preserving its traditions. In this essay, I will provide some points to justify my opinion.

    Firstly, dancing conveys information about the customs and mode of living through body language. As a visual art, the dance is an international way of expressing feelings and emotions, so people around the world can understand a general message without having to interpret it. For example, ballet is appreciated across the globe despite the fact that it doesn’t use any verbal language. Moreover, dancing can have a symbolic meaning and tell people a lot about religious and cultural background of a nation. For example, African and Indian tribes perform rain dance to ask their Gods for some rain in extended periods of drought.

    Secondly, not only can dancing convey a message through movements but it also makes a point by using peculiar costumes and accessories. Without the abundance of garments, an operetta or ballet wouldn’t be able to take the audience through the plot successfully. Most people perceive the information visually, so, without fancy costumes, a dancing show wouldn’t be able to express as much as it does.

    Finally, music is incorporated in any dance and it adds value to the whole performance. Both traditional and contemporary dances are set to music whose dramatic effect enchants the audience. For example, a famous Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky created three significant ballets which popularized Russian culture abroad. Some people believe that Russian composers have their distinct style and vision that highlights the peculiarity of Russian culture.

    In conclusion, despite some opinions to the contrary, I believe that dancing has a significant role to play in any culture. Among other factors that make a dance so vital to our world, body language, garments and musical composition influence the perception of different nations and impress the audience abroad in a big way.

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