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    Sample 6

     56. A company is going to give some money either to support the arts or to protect the environment. Which do you think the company should choose? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

    Nowadays global corporations are contributing a lot of money to charity. Whereas some of them tend to support culture, others are inclined to donate money for sustainable development. In my opinion, a company that has an opportunity to sponsor some program should be more focused on environmental issues rather than the arts. In this essay I will provide some arguments for my opinion.

    First and foremost, upset ecological balance can have a negative effect on human health. Contaminated land and water leads to chronic disorders such as allergic reactions and poor immune system. In contrast, pristine and unpolluted environments secure strong health and sound psychological development. If a company chooses to invest in ecology, this will provide for stronger health of the next generation of employees.

    Secondly, polluted soil and ground water have a negative impact on the quality of crops. Careless industrial activity of the past years has led to destruction, degradation and deterioration of soil. What’s more, when poor soil can’t provide enough harvest, farmers have to use diverse non-organic/chemical fertilizers to increase crop yield. As a result, food supplied to households may lack vitamins and minerals and can even be hazardous to health. It would be great if corporations paid more attention to this issue for the benefit of the nation.

    Finally, investments in environment could safeguard the beauty of nature, which is undoubtedly important not just for human survival but also for recreation. Areas untouched by civilization attract a lot of tourists every year. For example, these days eco-tourism has become widely popular, and more and more people are involved in it. Furthermore, cleaning and restoring parks and forests in metropolitan cities is high on the agenda because citizens are in desperate need of a retreat.

    To conclude, if a company intends to sponsor some area, I believe it would be more beneficial if funds were allocated to support environmental programs since people need clean environment for a quality living.

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