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    Sample 7

     15. Neighbors are the people who live near us. In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

    In the modern world people don't live in isolation from each other. Neighbors are an inevitable part of urban and rural life. Since these are people you deal with on a daily basis, it’s desirable that they have a set of qualities which would make them calm and composed, as well as diplomatic and friendly.

    First and foremost, a perfect neighbor is someone who is quiet. A lot of people badly need a rest after a busy work day. They come home to relax and unwind from their daily routine. However, it’s hard to expect a calm evening when your neighbors are party animals or expressive individuals who are constantly fighting with each other. This can make life quite unbearable and create an enormous amount of stress.

    Secondly, it’s desirable that neighbors are not inquisitive. It’s highly important that neighbors respect the private space of each other. Gossiping and spreading rumors just like questioning the neighbor about their private life is absolutely unacceptable. For example, I have a neighbor who is a pensioner and she has nothing better to do than spy on people living next door. Whenever I’m out, I always feel her presence. She keeps a watchful eye on her neighbors and sticks her nose into everyone’s affairs. In any case, people should stay away from such gossipers in order to protect their family relations.

    Finally, a perfect neighbor is someone who is friendly and responsive. It’s highly important to be on good terms with your neighbors since these are potentially people who can render help in emergency situations such as those when your house is flooded or you need help with your little child. Moreover, decisions on boundary issues that may require some discussion and compromise are easier to reach with a reasonable and sensible neighbor.

    In conclusion, neighbors are an integral part of our life//neighbors are people with whom you have to co-exist. Personally, I believe that building a friendly relationship with your neighbor is easier when he/she is composed, respectful and amiable.

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