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    Sample 9

     82. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Advertising can tell you a lot about a country. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

    These days both local and foreign manufacturers of various goods take advantage of local tastes and cultural preferences to persuade people into buying their products. They employ various resources for that purpose. Street billboards and newspapers are full of images of goods catering to local tastes and luring people into making a purchase. Moreover, TV broadcasts feature commercials that send a message about people’s lifestyle and habits. This being said, I generally believe that, no matter how much information they air, it’s still impossible to give a clear/detailed picture of what a given land represents. In my essay I will provide some arguments for my point of view.

    Firstly, advertising is superficial. In my opinion, it is impossible to give a proper overview of traditions and mode of living of a country within several minutes. Time constraints usually prevent advertisers from presenting things in a true light. For example, when people refer to a travel agency asking to help organize a summer vacation they usually get to watch some fancy videos of local sights. However, these tend to focus on popular tourist attractions such as beach resorts whereas less attention is paid to historical sights and architectural heritage.

    Secondly, advertising contains a lot of clichés and stereotypes. It’s quite common that promoters use well-known facts in their commercials, unwilling to explore the subject further. For instance, typically Russia is associated with matreshka dolls, vodka and bears. However, my homeland has a lot more to offer: we have scenic landscapes, outstanding architecture and original traditions.

    Finally, ads are at times misleading. False information is circulated around the globe making people believe in what they see. Major industries can represent countries in a wrong way. One of the culprits of such an illusion is commercial advertising. For example, large entertainers may present a certain culture in a wrong light just for the sake of producing a movie that sells well.

    In conclusion, in my opinion, advertisements can give a glimpse of a country; however, they fail to provide a full picture of current events and lifestyle of a nation.

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